Research Reports No.19(2013)

Abstract No.

Title of Research Project

Name of Researcher

19-01 DNA identification of a sweet-potato cultivar for anthocyanin production Makoto Tahara Graduate School of Environment and Life Science, Okayama University
19-02 Analytical Studies on the International Trend of the Safety Assessment for Flavoring Substance Yoichi KonishiProfessor Emeritus, Nara Medical University
19-03 Development of a novel web-database that enables to retrieve microbial growth inhibition of food additives Shigenobu KosekiNational Agricultural Research Organization, National Food Research Institute
19-04 Fundamental Safety Assessment of Natural Flavoring Substances-3 Yukihiro ShoyamaFaculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nagasaki International University
19-05 Ochratoxin A does not induce oxidative stress responses for formation of karyomegaly and cell cycle aberrations in renal tubular cells in rats Makoto ShibutaniTokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Graduate School
19-06 Functional evaluation of essential oils-derived chemicals for health promotion Hiroyasu InoueDepartment of Food Science and Nutrition, Nara Women' University
19-07 Prevention against zinc deficiency by the use of food additives increasing zinc absorption in the intestinal epithelial cells Taiho KambeGraduate School of Biostudies, Kyoto University
19-08 Evaluation of immunotoxicity of nanomaterials in foods Yasuo YoshiokaGraduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Osaka University
19-09 Functional interaction of artificial food colorants with amino acids and proteins Yoshimasa NakamuraGraduate School of Environmental and Life Science Okayama University
19-10 The effects of the glycosylated hesperidin for improving postprandial hyperlipidemia and the underlying mechanism of action Daisaku Masuda Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine
19-11 Bioavailability of the pectin masked trace contaminants in food Yoshiko KonishiNational Institute of Health Sciences
19-12 Chemopreventive effect of antioxidants on non-alcoholic steatohepatitis and hepatocarcinogenesis in rats Aya Naiki-ItoNagoya City University Graduate School of Medical Sciences
19-13 Assessment of nano-food additives to repair and healing of gastric ulcers Akira ONODERADepartment of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kobegakuin University
19-14 Effect of nitrite on the development of insulin resistance in obese mice Kazuo OhtakeFaculty of Pharmaceutical Science, Josai University
19-15 Studies on the effect on the masking of bitterness by the sweet-tasting protein, thaumatin Tetsuya MasudaGraduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University
19-16 Metabolites of ellagitannins and their anti-inflammatory effects Hideyuki ItoFaculty of Health and Welfare Science, Okayama Prefectural University
19-17 Molecular Behavior of Natural Food Additives, Glycyrrhizn on Lipid Rafts Biomembrane Model Seiichi SakamotoFaculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nagasaki International University
19-18 Studies toward the enhancing effects on the absorption of acylated anthocyanins Shigenori KumazawaUniversity of Shizuoka, School of Food and Nutritional Sciences
19-19 Analyzing the Effects of Flavonoids on the inhibition of intestinal cholesterol transport Shoko KobayashiGraduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, The University of Tokyo
19-20 Study on the relationship between the chemical structure and antimicrobial activity in herbal flavor constituents Takao KoedukaInstitute for Chemical Research, Kyoto University
19-21 Preparation of profile on sensitive and resistant fungi for preservatives Kosuke TakatoriDepartment of Agriculture, Tokyo University of Agriculture
19-22 Verification of the taste masking with food oil by the taste evaluation method using taste receptors Yuko KusakabeNational Food Research Institute, National Agriculture and Food Research Organization
19-23 Development of a Novel Texture Evaluation Method Based on Pressure Distribution in Fracture Mitsuru HigashimoriGraduate School of Engineering, Osaka University
19-24 Objective evaluation of taste continuity instead of sensory test Tomiko AsakuraGraduate school of Agricultural and Life Sciences, The University of Tokyo
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