Research Reports No.14(2008)

Abstract No.

Title of Research Project

Name of Researcher

14-01 Analysis and functional estimation of processed metabolites
of plant polyphenols as food ingredients.
Kanji Ishimaru
Faculty of Agriculture, Saga University
14-02 Effect of polysaccharides as food additives on the mouse intestinal immunosystem. Toshihiko Toida
Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chiba University
14-03 Effect of addition of plant protein with protease inhibitory activity on quality of Kamaboko Masayuki Taniguchi
Faculty of Engineering, Niigata University
14-04 Structures and Safety of Metabolites of Anthraquinones and Their Related Natural Products Hiroshi Morita
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Hoshi University
14-05 Efficacy of enzymatically modified isoquercitrin on allergic diseases Toshio Tanaka
Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine
14-06 Comparative Investigation on the Safety Assessment of Food Additives Yoichi Konishi
International Federation of Societies of Toxicologic Pathologists (IFSTP)
14-07 Improvement of constipation and fecal impaction for female students
by daily taking in the pickled vegetables fermented with Lactobacillus brevis
containing gamma-aminobutyric acid
Yukio Takii
School of Environmental Sciences, Mukogawa Women's University
14-08 Evaluation of safety and physiological functionality of natural dietary factors by analyzing their effects on immune-related functions of intestinal epithelial cells. Mamoru Totsuka
Department of Applied Biological Chemistry, The University of Tokyo.
14-09 Studies on the gene screening for antioxidants: Interactions with drug metabolizing and antioxidant genes. Tomoyuki Terada
Faculty of Pharmacy, Osaka Ohtani University
14-10 Stimulation of polyhalogenated aromatic hydrocarbons excretion induced by annato Tsuyoshi Nakanishi
Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Osaka University
14-11 Development of functional vegetables such as anti-oxidative vitamin high-containing green vegetables Hirobumi Yamamoto, Koichiro Shimomura
Faculty of Life Sciences, Toyo University
14-12 Studies on excretion of plant sterols through ABCG5 and ABCG8 in rats Ikuo Ikeda
Garduate School of Agricultural Science, Tohoku University
14-13 Basic Study of Dissolution Behavior of Silicates in Liquid Food Teruhisa Fujimaki
Kanagawa Prefectural Institute of Public Health
14-14 Chemical Analyses of the volatile components
from lavender (Lavandula angustifolia Mill) flowering tops
Tameichi Ochiai
University of East Asia
14-15 Inhibitory effect of natural food additives on cytochrome P-450 enzymes Hideyuki Ito
Okayama University Graduate School of Medicines, Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences
14-16 Effect of guarana extract on endothelial cells and prostate cancer cell lines and on absorption kinetics of digestive nutrients Shigeyuki Usui
Department of Clinical Pharmaceutics, Gifu Pharmaceutical University
14-17 Biodynamics of Quercetin Glycosides and Their Participation in Oxidative Stress Control. Junji Terao, Kaeko Murota and Yoshichika Kawai
Institute for Health Biosciences, the University of Tokushima Graduate School
14-18 Effects of Some Polyphenols on the Formation of Free Radicals Formed in the Reaction Mixture of Rat Liver Microsomes/NADPH/ADP/Iron Ions Hideo Iwahashi
Wakayama Medica1 University, School of Medicine
14-19 Status of cinnamic acid derivatives contained in foodstuff in vivo and its meaning Kiharu Igarashi
Faculty of Agriculture, Yamagata University
14-20 Pomegranate fruit juice suppressed development of prostate cancers Makoto Asamoto
Nagoya City University Graduate School of Medical Sciences
14-21 Modulating effects of food lectins on the transport of natural food colors in human intestinal Caco-2 cell monolayers Koji Muramoto
Graduate school of Life Sciences, Tohoku University
14-22 Palliative effect of drinking on mental stress after solving numerical puzzle. Nobuyuki Sakai
Department of Human Sciences, Kobe Shoin Women's University
14-23 Improvement usability and storage stability of oily functional food and supplement by powderization and tabletting Yoshiaki Kawashima
School of Pharmacy, Aichi Gakuin University
14-24 Fundamental Study for Safety Evaluation of Food Additives with Optical Activities Masakazu Horie
Saitama Prefectural Institute of Public Health
14-25 Fundamental Safety Assessment of the Registered Existing Food Additives (Natural Source Food Additives) - (From Butyrospermum parkii KOTSCHY. to Hevea brasiliensis MUELL.-ARG.) Kunitoshi Yoshihira
Graduate School of University of East Asia
The Japan Food Chemical Research Foundation
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