Standards for Use of Food Additives

Standards Applying Generally to Food Additives
(1) Unless otherwise specified, if an additive preparation contains additives for which standards for use have been established, the established standards are regarded as standards for use for the preparation.

(2) When a food, listed in column 2 of the following table, which contains one of the corresponding additives listed in column 1, is used in the process of manufacturing or processing one of the corresponding foods listed in column 3, the additive is regarded as being used in the food listed in column 3.

Column 1

Column 2

Column 3

Potassium Pyrosulfite
Sodium Hydrosulfite
Sodium Pyrosulfite
Sodium Sulfite
Sulfur Dioxide
Candied cherries (i.e., candied pitted cherries or such cherries which are frosted with crystal sugar or immersed in syrup), Dijon musterd dried candied beans: AMANATTO, dried fruits (excluding raisin), dried gourd strip: KANPYO, dried potato, food molasses, frozen unheated crabs, gelatin, Konjac powder: KONNYAKU-KO, miscellaneous alcoholic beverages, natural fruit juice(to be consumed in 5-fold or more dilution), prawn, simmered beans, starch syrup, tapioca starch for syrup, and wine. All foods excluding foods listed in column 2.
Sodium Saccharin
Calcium Saccharin
Flour paste for confectionery (flour paste means pasteurized foods in paste form which are prepared mainly using flour, starch, nuts their processed products cocoa, chocolate, coffee, or fruits or their juice with sugar, fats or oils, powdered milk, eggs, or flour, and then pasteurized, and which are used as fillings or spreads for bread or confectioneries.) Confectionery
Calcium Sorbate
Potassium Sorbate
Sorbic Acid
Soy bean paste: MISO MISO-pickled foods:
All food additives All foods Milk, dairy products (excluding ice cream) prescribed in Article 2 of the Ministerial Ordinance Concerning Specifications of Composition of Milk and Milk products, Etc.

Standards Applying Specifically to Individual Additives

Table of Standards for Use, according to Use Categories :Standards for Use Nov.7,2023.pdf

(1) The amounts of food additives indicated in the table below are the maximum limits authorized to be used for foods, unless otherwise indicated.
(2) Standards for use of food additives may also be applied to preparations or premixes containing food additives listed under the category "Additives" in this table.
(3) The amount of a preparation used as described in (2) above may be calculated from the amount of the food additive contained in the preparation.

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