List of substances which are generally provided for eating or drinking as foods and which are used as food additives

These substances in this list are given in the Director-general of Environmental Health Bureau Notice, No. 56 (published by the Ministry of Health and Welfare on May 23, 1996).

These additives are listed here in alphabetic order.

Agar Gelatin
Amacha extract (Hydrangea leaves extract) Gluten
American red raspberry colour (Boysenberry colour) Gluten decomposites
Azuki colour Gooseberry colour
Beefsteak plant colour (Perilla colour) Grape juice colour
Black berry colour Hibiscus colour
Black currant Hop extract
Black huckleberry colour Kelp extract
Blueberry colour Konjac extract
Casein Lactic acid bacteria concentrates
Cherry colour Laver colour
Chicory colour Loganberry colour
Chlorella extract Malt extract
Cocoa Mannan
Collagen Morello cherry colour
Corn cellulose Mugwort extract
Cowberry colour Mulberry colour
Cranberry colour Okra extract
Daidai extract Olive tea
Dark sweet cherry colour Paprika
Egg white Plum colour
Elderberry colour Powdered chlorella
Ethanol Powdered licorice
European dewberry colour Raspberry colour
Fermentation-derived cellulose Red cabbage colour
Fruit juice Red currant colour
Berry juice Red radish colour
Black currant juice Red rice colour
Blackberry juice Rennet casein
Blueberry juice Saffron
Boysenberry juice Saffron colour
Cherry juice Salmonberry colour
Cowberry juice Seaweed cellulose
Cranberry juice Sepia colour
Dark sweet cherry juice Soybean polysaccharides
Dewberry juice Strawberry colour
Elderberry juice Sweetpotato cellulose
Gooseberry juice Tea
Grape juice Thimbleberry colour
Huckleberry juice Turmeric
Lemon juice Uguisukagura colour
Loganberry juice Vegitable juice
Morello cherry juice Beefsteak plant juice
Mulberry juice Beet red juice
Orange juice Carrot juice
Pineapple juice Onion juice
Plum juice Red cabbage juice
Raspberry juice Tomato juice
Red currant juice Wheat extract
Salmonberry juice Wheat flour
Strawberry juice Whey salt (Whey mineral)
Thimbleberry juice Whortleberry colour
Uguisukagura juice


Whortleberry juice


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