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   掲載日         タイトル           資料名       巻  Page発行年度 抄録 
04/23/2002Pronounced inhibition by a natural anthocyanin, purple corn color, of 2-amino-1-methyl-6-phenylimidazo[4,5-b]pyridine (PhlP)-associated colorectal carcinogenesis in male F344 rats pretreated with 1,2-dimethylhydrazineCancer Letters17117-252001
10/03/2000Long-Term Toxicity and Carcinogenicity Study of Cyclamate in Nonhuman PrimatesTOXICOLOGICAL SCIENCES5333-392000
10/03/2000Effects of long-term oral administration of DDT on nonhuman primatesJ. Cancer Res. Clin. Oncol.125(3/4):219-2251999
08/08/2000Lack of Carcinogenicity of Gardenia Blue Colour given Chronically in the Diet to F344 RatsFood and Chemical Toxicology38(4)313-3182000
08/08/2000新しい半合成甘味料“スクラロース” の性状とう蝕発生に及ぼす作用日本歯科評論No.692205-2122000
06/23/1998Substitutive Solvents for Chloroform in the Identification Test for Ergocalciferol and Cholecalciferol in the Japanese Standars for Food Additives食品衛生学雑誌VOL.38, NO.3, 190-192.June 1997
06/10/1998Evaluation of the Contents of Antifungal Agents Allowed as Food Additives in Foods and the Daily Intake Deduced from the Results of the Official Inspection in Japan in Fiscal Year 1994*食衛誌Vol.38, No.5296-3061997
06/10/1998Structure of Safflomin A and Content of Safflomin (Safflor Yellow) in Commercial Safflower Yellow Products日本食品化学学会誌Vol.4 (1)54-581997
06/10/1998Analysis of Components in Natural Food Additive “Lemon Peel Extract” by HPLC and LC/MS日本食品化学学会誌Vol. 3 (2)136-1401996
06/10/1998Two Acylated Anthocyanins from Purple Sweet PotatoPhytochemistry (Elsevier Science Ltd.)Vol.44,No1183-1861997
06/10/1998Phytochelatins (class V metallothioneins) and their desglycyl peptides induced by cadmium in normal root cultures of Rubia tinctorum LPlant Science (Elsevier Science Ireland Ltd.)106157-1661995
06/10/1998Residue and Release of Antitioxidants and Ultraviolet Stabilizers in Polyethylene Products in Contact with Foodstuffs食衛誌Vol.38, No.1 27-331997
06/10/1998Pigment Analysis and Heating Experiment of Beet Red日本食品化学学会誌Vol. 4(2)120-1251997
06/10/1998Distribution profiles of sulphur in caramel colors on a gel-filtration column studied by HPLC/ICPFOOD ADDITIVES AND CONTAMINANTS (Taylor & Francis Ltd.)Vol.13,No.81001-10081996
06/10/1998Analysis of BHA, BHT and TBHQ in Chewing Gum by GC and GC/MS食衛誌Vol. 38, No278-841997
06/10/1998Migration of Metals from Stainless Steel Kitchenware and Tableware食衛誌Vol.38, No.3169-1781997
06/10/1998The Composition of Metals Bound to Class V Matallothionein (Phytochelatin and Its Desglycyl Peptide) Induced by Various Metals in Root Cultures of Rubia tinctorumPlant Physiol.Vol.110,No.41145-11501996
06/10/1998Induction of Phytochelatin (Class V Metallothionein) and Incorporation of Copper in Transformed Hairy Roots of Rubia tinctorum Exposed to CadmiumJ. Plant Physiol. (Gustav Fischer Verlag, Stuttgart)Vol.147743-7481996
06/10/1998Studies on the Bottles of Mineral Water and the Foreign Plastic Like Substances国立医薬品食品衛生研究所報告115147-1511997
06/10/1998Evaluation of Preservatives Contents in Foods and the Daily Intake Deduced from the Results of the Offical Inspection in Japan in F. Y. 1994食衛誌Vol. 38, No.3145-1541997
06/10/1998Analysis of Components in Natural Food Additive “Grapefruit seed extract” by HPLC and LC/MS 国立医薬品食品衛生研究所報告11438-421996
06/10/1998Identification in Major Pigments Containing D-Amino Acid Units in Commercial MONASCUS PigmentChem.Pharm.Bull.(Pharmaceutical Society of Japan)45227-2291997
06/10/1998Simultaneous Determination of Polymer Additives in Polyethylene by GC/MS 食衛誌Vol.38, No.5307-3181997
06/10/1998Lake of Carcinogenicity of Sodium Metaphosphate in Fischer 344 RatsJournal of Toxicologic PathologyVol.11, No.141-47Spring 1998
06/10/1998Evaluation of the Inorganic Food Additive ( Nitrite, Nitrate, and Sulfur Dioxide ) Content of Foods and Estimation of Daily Intake Based on the Results of Official Inspection in Japan in Fiscal Year 1994食品衛生学雑誌Vol.39,No.278-88April 1998
06/10/1998Evaluation of the Contents of BHA, BHT, Propylene Glycol, and Sodium Saccharin in Foods and Estimation of Daily Intake Based on the Results of Official Inspection in Japan in Fiscal Year 1994食品衛生学雑誌Vol.39,No.289-100April 1998
06/10/1998天然添加物ヒノキチオールの催奇性について食品衛生学会第75回学術講演会 演要旨集1998
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