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FFIJournal Vol.213(3)
Last updateF04/22/2008

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Foods & Food Ingredients Journal of Japan Vol.213 No.3
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ForewordPhillips Hydrocolloids Research Ltd. and San-Ei Gen F.F.I., Inc. International Hydrocolloids Forum - Natural Hydrocolloid Emulsifiers Part IGlyn O. PhillipsGlyn O. Phillips Hydrocolloid Research Centre, North East Wales Institute
Phillips Hydrocolloids Research Ltd.
Feature Articles: Natural Hydrocolloid Emulsifiers (1)Evolving Microstructure of Emulsions Containing Hydrocolloids:
Emulsion Breakdown Processes
Eric DickinsonProcter Department of Food Science, University of Leeds213(3)2.pdf
Kinetically Trapped Food Grade Nano-EmulsionsJohn V. Henry a)
William J. Frith b)
Peter J. Fryer a)
Ian T. Norton a)
a) Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Birmingham
b) Unilever R&D Colworth
Functionality of Natural Hydrocolloid EmulsifiersVictor J. MorrisInstitute of Food Research213(3)4.pdf
Emulsifying Flavours into BeveragesMatthias Schultz
Rudolf Ringgenberg
Givaudan Schweiz AG, Science & Technology, Flavor Delivery213(3)5.pdf
Hydrocolloids in Relation to Their Emulsification Activity - WPI/Hydrocolloid ComplexesRachel Lutz
Hagit Pikarek
Abraham Aserin
Nissim Garti
Casali Institute of Applied Chemistry, Institute of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem213(3)6.pdf
Surface and Interfacial Properties of Natural Hydrocolloid EmulsifiersOscar F. Castellani a)
Saphwan Al-Assaf b)
Monique Axelos a)
Glyn O. Phillips b,c)
Marc Anton a)
a) UR1268, Biopolymers Interactions Assemblies, INRA
b) Glyn O. Phillips Hydrocolloid Research Centre, North East Wales Institute
c) Phillips Hydrocolloids Research Ltd.
Emulsifying Properties of Mesquite GumMargyuerite Rinaudo a)
Francisco M. Goycoolea b)
Miguel A. Valdez c)
a) Centre de recherches sur les Macromolecules vegetales, CNRS
b) Laboratory of Biopolymers, Centro de Investigacion en Alimentacion y Desarrollo, A.C. (C.I.A.D.,A.C.)
c) Departamento de Fisica and Posgrado en Materiales, Universidad de Sonora
Effect of Gum Arabic on the Gelation of MethylcelluloseHyoe Hatakeyama a)
Tatsuko Hatakeyama b)
Glyn O. Phinips c,d)
a) Department of Environment and Biotechnology, Graduate School of Fukui University of Technology
b) Lignocel Research Ltd.
c) Glyn O. Phillips Hydrocolloid Research Centre, North East Wales Institute
d) Phillips Hydrocolloids Research Ltd.
Microencapsulating Properties of Acacia (sen) SUPER GUMTMJohn Flanagan a,b)
Jiahong Su, Colm O'Brien b)
Brid O'Riordan b)
Harjinder Singh a)
Colum Dunne b)
a) Riddet Centre, Massey University
b) Glanbia Innovation Centre, Glanbia Nutritionals
Manufacture of Uniform Emulsions Using Membrane Emulsification MethodsRichard A. Williams
Qingchun Yuan
Nita Aryanti
Institute of Particle Science and Engineering, School of Process, Environmental and Materials Engineering, University of Leeds213(3)11.pdf
Soluble Polysaccharide - Protein Electrostatic Complexes as Novel EmulsifiersTharshini Mahendran a)
Peter A. Williams a)
Glyn O. Phillips b,c)
Saphwan Al-Assaf b)
a) Centre for Water Soluble Polymers, North East Wales Institute
b) Glyn O. Phillips Hydrocolloid Research Centre, North East Wales Institute
c) Phillips Hydrocolloids Research Ltd.
Transglutaminase-Induced Cross-Linking of Sodium Caseinate and Gum ArabicJohn Flanagan a,b)
Aiqian Ye b)
Harjinder Singh b)
a) Glanbia Innovation Centre, Glanbia Nutritionals
b) Riddet Centre, Massey University
Interaction of Pectin with CaseinC. G. (Kees) de Kruif a,b)
R. Hans Tromp a)
a) NIZO food research
b) Van't Hoff Laboratory, Debye Research Institute, Utrecht University