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The Japan Food Chemical Research Foundation
FFIJournal No.194
Last updateF01/19/2018

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Foods & Food Ingredients Journal of Japan No.194
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ForewordRoles of Reactive Oxygen- and Nitrogen- species in Mutagenesis and CarcinogenesisYoichi KonishiDepartment of Oncological Pathology, Nara Medical University194-1.pdf
Feature Articles :
Roles of Reactive Oxygen- and Nitrogen-species in Mutagenesis
and Carcinogenesis
A New Paradigm for DNA Damage by Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen SpeciesSteven R. TannenbaumDivision of Bioengineering and Environmental Health, Massachusetts Institute of Technology194-2.pdf
Analysis of 8-Hydroxydeoxyguanosine as a Marker of Oxidative StressHiroshi KasaiDepartment of Environmental Oncology, University of Occupational and Environmental Health194-3.pdf
Carcinogenesis by Free Radicals and Cancer Prevention with FoodHiroshi MaedaDepartment of Microbiology, Kumamoto University Medical School194-4.pdf
Are Heterocyclic Amines in Cooked Foods Human Carcinogens?Minako NagaoTokyo University of Agriculture194-5.pdf
Colors and MutagensHikoya HayatsuCollege of International Culture, Kurashiki University of Science and the Arts194-6.pdf
ReviewSignificance of Phosphorus and Phosphates : Bones and Teeth in Biological SystemsSaburo Shimabayashi
Tomoaki Hino
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, The University of Tokushima194-7.pdf
The Sake of Itami -Its Structure and Technique of Brewing Industry-Chikayoshi KamataniToyo University194-8.pdf
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