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The Japan Food Chemical Research Foundation
FFIJournal No.172
Last updateF11/30/2006

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Foods & Food Ingredients Journal of Japan No.172
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ForewordThe Wisdom of Protecting Our FoodMikio YamazakiProfessor, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chiba University172-1.pdf
Feature Articles:
The 4th Symposium on Food Chemistry
SummaryKunitoshi YoshihiraGraduate School, Toa University172-2.pdf
Latest Multiresidue Analysis for the Pesticide Residues in FoodShinjirou HoriOsaka Prefectural Institute of Public Health172-3.pdf
Prevention of Musty Odor (TCA) Migration into Foodstuffs
-Clarification of the Migrating Mechanisms of TCA and Its
Ryoichi TajimaResearch Laboratory of Quality Assurance, Suntory Ltd172-4.pdf
Takanori MineResearch Laboratory of Quality Assurance, Suntory Ltd
Masahiro MasudaResearch Laboratories of Distilled Spirits and Liqueurs, Suntory Ltd.
Tetsuo IzumiQuality Assurance Department, Suntory Ltd.
Teruo AmachiInstitute for Fundamental Research, Suntory Ltd.
Survey on the Quality of Natural Food AdditivesMasako HirokadoThe Tokyo Metropolitan Research Laboratory of Public Health172-5.pdf
Group Analysis of Natural Coloring Matters in Food ProductsSadaji YamadaAichi Prefectural Institute of Public Health Reviews and Articles172-6.pdf
Review and AarticlesSystem and Standards for Japanese Nutrition Labeling and Comparison with the International SituationSachie IkegamiNational Institute of Health and Nutrition172-7.pdf
Synthesis of a-linked Galactooligosaccharides with Candida guilliermondii H-404
a-Galactosidase and Their Functions
Hiroyuki HashimotoFaculty of Engineering and Design, Kyoto Institute of Technology 172-8.pdf
Sumio KitahataOsaka Municipal Technical Research Institute
Pharmacological Effects of n-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty AcidsKyoya TakahataFaculty of Agriculture, Okayama University172-9.pdf
Wolfgang SiessKlinikum Innenstadt, Universitat Munchen
Peter C. WederKlinikum Innenstadt, Universitat Munchen
Volatile Compounds Produced by BasidiomycetesTatsuya KawabeSeasoning & Food Research Laboratory, Takara Shuzo Co., Ltd.172-10.pdf
Tohru KomanoFaculty of Agriculture, Kyoto University
Cholesterol; Its Nutritional Significance during Suckling PeriodTakaji YajimaNutrition Science Institute, Meiji Milk Products Co., Ltd.172-11.pdf
Isoflavone Content in Commercial Soybean FoodsToshiya TodaResearch & Development Laboratory, Fujicco Co., Ltd172-12.pdf
Junko TamuraResearch & Development Laboratory, Fujicco Co., Ltd
Takenori OkuhiraResearch & Development Laboratory, Fujicco Co., Ltd
Functions and Applications of Yeast ExtractsMutsuaki SuzukiBioscience Research & Development Laboratory, Research & Development Headquarters, Asahi Breweries, Ltd.172-13.pdf
Application of TrehaloseMakoto ShiosakResearch & Development Center, Hayashibara Biochemical Laboratories, Inc.172-14.pdf
Herbal Plants in the Central AndesSocrates ShiotaInstituto de Recurso Agrobiologico Andino172-15.pdf
RaisinsMichio UchidaJapan Institute of Baking172-16.pdf
List of Articles in 1996 (San-Ei Gen F. F. I., Inc.)
Communications to the Editor