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The Japan Food Chemical Research Foundation
FFIJournal No.171
Last updateF11/30/2006

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Foods & Food Ingredients Journal of Japan No.171
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ForewordSustainable Society and Food SupplyJiro SekiyaFaculty of Agriculture, Kyoto University171-1.pdf
Feature Articles:
Biological and Food Technological Approach to Understanding of Fishery Products(Part2)
Characteristics and Physiological Function of Fish Muscle ComponentsTakashi NakamuraFaculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University171-2.pdf
The Utilization of Marine Animal ProteinsTakahide TsuchiyaFaculty of Science and Technology, Sophia University171-3.pdf
Fermented Fish ProductsTakeo FujiiTokyo University of Fisheries171-4.pdf
Low Temperature Preservation of Fresh Fish and ShellfishTsuneo KozimaTokyo University of Agriculture171-5.pdf
Food Hygiene on Marine ProductsTamao Noguchi
Hiroshi Akaeda
Faculty Fisheries, Nagasaki University171-6.pdf
Determination of Fish FreshnessEtsuo Watanabe Tokyo University of Fisheries171-7.pdf
Reviews and EssayA Liver Medium-term Bioassay(Ito Test) and a Multi-organ Carcinogenesis Bioassay in Rats for Detection of Chemopreventive Agents; Inhibitory Effects of Organosulfur CompoundsNobuyasu TakadaDepartment of Surgery, Osaka City University Medical School171-8.pdf
Satoru TakahashiDepartment of Pathology, Nagoya City University Medical School
Hideki Wanibuchi
Shoji Fukushima
Department of Pathology, Osaka City University Medical School
Chemical Constituents and Biological Activity of Genus Mallotus(Euphorbiaceae)Munehisa ArisawaLaboratory of Herbal Garden, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Toyama Medical &
Pharmaceutical University
Iron and MetallothioneinToshihiko Ariyoshi
Mitsuru Okada
Koji Arizono
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science, Nagasaki University171-10.pdf
Analytical Methods of Maillard Reaction Products in FoodsHiroyuki UkedaFaculty of Agriculture, Kochi University171-11.pdf
Toshinao IshiiThe United Graduate School of Agriculture, Ehime University Graduate School
The Development of Balance Support, a Specified Health Food, and Improvement of the Serum Cholesterol ValueKanji TanakaSales & Marketing Division, Marketing Department, Nippon Meat Packers, Inc.171-12.pdf
Fumiki MorimatsuR&D Center, Nippon Meat Packers, Inc.
Interaction between Gelatin/Collagen and TanninsTetsuya EbiharaResearch Institute of Biomatrix, Nippi Inc.171-13.pdf
Koki YokotsukaThe Institute of Enology and Viticulture, Yamanashi University
Food Analysis by Capillary ElectrophoresisYasuhiro Sato
Katsushi Sasa
Keiko Kitagishi
Analytical Instrument Division, Otsuka Electronics Co.,Ltd.171-14.pdf
The View of NATTOWataru NaruseK.K. Naruse Fermentation Laboratory171-15.pdf
Pilot Scale Production and Characterization of High Dietary Fiber Taro-imo FlourPaoroj Luangpituksa
Sujin Shobsngob
Saiyavit Varavinit
Faculty of Science, Mahidol University171-16.pdf
A Trip to Kinabalu-Towns, Mountains, and PlantsTakashi IchikawaSan-Ei Gen F.F.I. Botanical Institute, Inc.171-17.pdf