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The Japan Food Chemical Research Foundation
FFIJournal No.158
Last updateF11/30/2006

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Foods & Food Ingredients Journal of Japan No.158
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ForewordTom Yam KhungYusaku FujioFaculty of Agriculture Kyushu University158-1.pdf
The Present State and Problems of Imported FoodsTonogai YasuhideNational Institute of Hygienic Sciences158-2.pdf
Standard Tables of Food Composition Japan-the Past, the Present and the Future-Hirokadzu TairaResearch Laboratory of Food Composition Japan Resources Association158-3.pdf
Study on Toxicity Evaluation of Dioxin Related CompoundsShinjiro HoriOsaka Prefectural Institute of Public Health158-4.pdf
The mode of action of L-ascorbic acid and its CascadeEiji KimotoDepartment of Chemistry Fukuoka University158-5.pdf
Studies on Biogeneration and Physiological Role of Green Odour by PlantAkikazu HatanakaDepartment of Biological Chemistry158-6.pdf
Food Function and Medicinal Effect of Mushroom Fungi-Bioactive Biomolecules obtained from Mushrooms-Takashi MizunoFaculty of Agriculture, Shizuoka University158-7.pdf
Effect of W/O/W Emulsion, Butter and Margarine on the Texture and Gas Cell Size Distribution of Sponge CakeTakahashi YasuyukiCentral Research Institute, Meiji Milk Products158-8.pdf
Komatu YoshinoriMeiji Milk Praducts
Gohtani Shoichi
Yamano Yoshimasa
Department of Bioresource Science, Kagawa University
Purification and Actions of Dextranase Which Produces Dextran from DextrinsShigetaka Okada
Kazuya Yamamoto
Biochemical Research Laboratories, Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd.158-9.pdf
Characterization of Food Palatability by The Use of Sensory Evaluation--Now and FutureIchiro Nakajima
Fumi Hatamoto
Technical Research Institute, Snow Brand Milk Products Co. Ltd.158-10.pdf
Components of oral contrast agent for Magnetic Resonance ImagingYoshiro YamamotoInfant Foods & Medical products Division Meiji Milk Products Co., Ltd.158-11.pdf
Hideo HasegawaCentral Research Institute, Meiji Milk products Co., Ltd.
Modification and Functional Properties of Glycerides in Fats and Oils Food TechnologyYukaitka TanakaKao Corporation Kashima Resear Labs158-12.pdf
Stability of red beet pigments for use as food colorant: a reviewDenis MegardAROMES DE BRETAGNE158-13.pdf
Current Moves Forward Harmonizations on Food Hygiene in EC Countries and U.S.A. Tsuyoshi Nakajima
Akinori Kojima
Japan Food Additives Association158-14.pdf