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The Japan Food Chemical Research Foundation
FFIJournal No.159
Last updateF11/30/2006

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Foods & Food Ingredients Journal of Japan No.159
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ForewordApproach for the Safety on FoodsAkio TanimuraGraduate School, Showa Women's University159-1.pdf
ArticlesThe Overview of Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry in Food AnalysisHiroyuki NakazawaNational Institute of Public Health159-2.pdf
Masakazu HorieSaitama Prefectural Institute of Public Health
Yasuo ShidaTokyo College of Pharmacy
Elucidation of Biological Activities of Chemicals by Using Cultured Cells: Cardiotoxicity of Adriamycin and Cardiostimulatory Effect of Ubiquinone-10Takeo KishiFaculty of Pharmaceutical sciences, Kobe Gakuin University159-3.pdf
Stereochemical Study of Sex Pheromone of Pine SawfliesAkira TaiFaculty of Science, Himeji Institute of Technology159-4.pdf
Studies on Heterostyly and Seed Setting of BuckwheatTakashi NagatomoDepartment of Agronomy, Miyazaki University159-5.pdf
The Present Status and Near Future View of Pesticide Residue AnalysisMitsuharu TakedaCollege of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, Nihon University159-6.pdf
Biological Functions of Chitin and Chitosan in Animal Organs and TissuesShigehiro HiranoDepartment of Agricultural Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Tottori University159-7.pdf
Multifunctional Characteristics and Its Application of Euglena CellsYoshihisa NakanoDepartment of Agricultural Chemistry, University of Osaka Prefecture159-8.pdf
Flavours and Chemotaxonomy in PummelosMasayoshi SawamuraDepartment of Bioresources Science, Kochi University159-9.pdf
Determination of Lactic Acid, Niacin, and Alcohol in Various Foods and Beverages by BiosensorsHiroshi TaguchiFaculty of Bioresources, Mie University159-10.pdf
Antimutagenic Effect of Lactic Acid BacteriaHideo HashimotoTechnical Research Division, Takanashi Milk Products Co., Ltd.159-11.pdf
Specific Function of TriglyceridesHiroyuki Mori
Toshiharu Arishima
Central Research Institute, Fuji Oil Co., Ltd.159-12.pdf
Foods and Colors Described in Tsurezuregusa (Essays in Idleness)Takashige ShimizuPresident, San-Ei Gen F.F.I.,Inc.159-13.pdf
Effects of Sucrose on Mechanical Properties and Thermal Properties of Carrageenan-Konjac Mixed GelHiroki IidaHydrocolloid Laboratory, San-Ei Gen F. F. I.,Inc.159-14.pdf