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The Japan Food Chemical Research Foundation
FFIJournal No.157
Last updateF11/30/2006

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Foods & Food Ingredients Journal of Japan No.157
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ForewordDevelopment of Natural Resources and Protection of EnvironmentUshio SankawaDepartment of Pharmacy, The University of Tokyo157-1.pdf
ArticlesThe History of the Investing Group on the per Capita Intake/Day of Food Additives in Japan(The Official Story and the Real Story)Yoshio ItoNational Institute of Hygienic Sciences157-2.pdf
Impurities in Food Colors and Nomenclature of Xanthene DyesYukihiro GodaNational Institute of Hygienic Sciences157-3.pdf
Analytical Methods for Food Additives and Food Additive PreparationsMasayoshi KazamaThe Tokyo Metropolitan Research Laboratory of Public Health157-4.pdf
Carcinogenicity Test of Cochineal in B6C3F1 MiceHideki Mori
Takuji Tanaka
Department of Pathology, Gifu University157-5.pdf
The Studies on the Constituents and the Utilization in Citrus SpeciesAkira UenoDepartment of Pharmacy, University of Shizuoka157-6.pdf
Antioxidants Isolated from SpicesNobuji NakataniDepartment of Food and Nutrition, Osaka City University157-7.pdf
Anti-Caries Activity of Catechin Oligomer Synthesized by PeroxidaseKunimasa KogaConsumer Health Products Department Pharmaceutical Division, SUNTORY Ltd.157-8.pdf
Kouichi Nakahara
Hiroyuki Ono
Institute for Biomedical Research, SUNTORY Ltd
Functional Roles of Sugar and Sugar Alcohol as Additives of Marine Processed FoodKenichi AraiCenter for Application and Research of Food Materials, TOWA Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.157-9.pdf
Chemometrics: A New Approach to the Characterization of Naturally-Occurring Food GumsPeter Jurasek
Martin Kosik
Glyn O. Phillips
Newtech Innovation Centre157-10.pdf
Kurt VarmuzaTechnical University
Stabilization of UHT-Processed Soy Beverages with CarrageenanCharles Wesley Bullens
Marylou Gomez Llanto
Marine Colloids Division, FMC Corporation157-11.pdf
Arthur P. HansenDepartment of Food Science, North Carolina State University
Natural Food Colorants and Asian DrugsYoshiaki KatoAnalysis Laboratory Section, San-Ei Gen F.F.I., Inc.157-12.pdf