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The Japan Food Chemical Research Foundation
FFIJournal No.168
Last updateF11/30/2006

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Foods & Food Ingredients Journal of Japan No.168
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ForewordOverview on Frozen FoodsNobuyuki YamazakiFaculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University168-1.pdf
Feature Article : Aroma and FlavorThe Green Odour by Plant OriginAkikazu HatanakaUniversity of East ASIA168-2.pdf
Tea AromaTei YamanishiOchanomizu University168-3.pdf
The Relation between Clonal Characteristic and Tea AromaTadakazu TakeoCentral Research Institute, ITO-EN Co., Ltd.168-4.pdf
Flavor Ingredients Research Natural vs. SyntheticsMotoichi IndoFormally Managing Director Takasago International Corporation168-5.pdf
Reviews and ArtlesRecent Developments and Trends in Studies on Volatile Compounds in SeaweedsTadahiko KajiwaraFaculty of Agriculture, Yamaguchi University168-6.pdf
Reversion Flavor of Soybean OilKenshiro FujimotoDepartment of Applied Biological Chemistry Faculty of Agriculture, Tohoku University168-7.pdf
Flavour Creation: Communication Obstacles and Methods for Overcoming ThemAlain R.OuelletNihon Firmenich K.K.168-8.pdf
Bakery Technology of Rice FlourSaiyavit Varavinit
Sujin Shobsngob
Department of Biotechnology, Faculty of Science, Mahidol University168-9.pdf
Limonoids and Citrus Juice ProcessingMasaki MiyakeWakayama Agricultural and Biological Research Institute168-10.pdf
Yasushi IfukuNara Bunka Junior Women's College
Functions and Applications of Agar-agarYuji UzuhashiIna Food Industry Co., Ltd.168-11.pdf
Mixed Systems of Bile Acids and their Na Salts: Micellization, Solubilization, Emulsification and Monolayer Formation by Mixed System of Bile SaltsYasushi SasakiSan-Ei Gen F.F.I.,Inc.168-12.pdf
Shigemi NagadomeDepartment of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Fukuoka University
The 3rd Japan Food Chemistry Seminar Concerning the Revision of the Food Sanitation Law and Natural AdditivesKunitoshi YoshihiraThe Japanese Society of Food Chemistry168-13.pdf