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The Japan Food Chemical Research Foundation
FFIJournal No.164
Last update:11/30/2006

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Foods & Food Ingredients Journal of Japan No.164
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ForewordAn EssayBirth of Life, Amino Acids and TasteKenji SodaInstitute For Chemical Research, Kyoto University.164-1.pdf
ReviewsPrevention of Dental Caries: an Approach from the Viewpoint of Food ScienceShigeyuki HamadaFaculty of Dentistry, Osaka University164-2.pdf
Enzymatic Preparation of Oligosaccharides from Chitin and ChitosanAkira Ohtakara
Masaru Mitsutomi
Department of Applied Biological Sciences, Saga University164-3.pdf
Biological Activities of Aloes and Evaluations of Foods Containing AloesMasatoshi YamamotoIwata Health Center, Prefecture of Shizuoka164-4.pdf
Yumie MaedaFuji Health Center, Prefecture of Shizuoka
Hiroyuki NakazawaNational Institute of Public Health
Sulfur Components of Garlic and Garlic Preparations and their Biological ActivitiesEmiko MochizukiNational Institute of Public Health164-5.pdf
Hiroyuki NakazawaYamanashi Institute for Public Health
Disinfection and disinfestation with electron beamsToru HayashiNational Food Research Institute164-6.pdf
Request for Development of Chinese Food IngredientsWang Yi YunJournal of Food Industry, Shanghai Food Industry Research Institute164-7.pdf
Cocrystallization Process in Food Ingredient DevelopmentAndy C. ChenResearch & Development, Domino Sugar Corporation164-8.pdf
ReportsThe 2nd Japan Food Chemistry SeminarKunitoshi YoshihiraGraduate School, Toa University
Mutagencity of Food AdditivesYukio TakizawaDepartment of Pathology, Akita University164-9.pdf
Guidelines for the Testing of Food AdditivesMasuo TobeSociety of Japanese Pharmacopoeia164-10.pdf
Carcinogenicity of Chemical SubstancesNobuyuki ItoNagoya City University164-11.pdf
InformationLecture on International Harmonization of Food Regulations and Standard with Special Emphasis on Food AdditivesJohn R. LupienFood and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations164-12.pdf
ArticlesMutagenicity study of Sunset Yellow FCF and It's ImpurityMakiko Yamada
Yoshiaki Kato
Mikio Nakamura
San-Ei Gen F.F.I.,Inc.164-13.pdf
Yoshio ItoDepartment of Pharmacy, Mukogawa Women's University