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The Japan Food Chemical Research Foundation
Administration of Food Safety '06
Last updateF06/18/2013

Note: Quoted from the text, " Administration of Food Safety", for The Nineteenth Seminar for Visiting Food Hygiene Experts (2006) prepared by Policy Planning and Communication Division, Standards and Evaluation Division, and Inspection and Safety Division, Department of Food Safety, Pharmaceutical and Food Safety Bureau, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

The purpose of the administrative work concerning food safety is to protect the health of the public through the strengthening measures for the assurance of food safety.
Japan carries out food safety work under the Food Safety Basic Law (enacted in May 2003) and related laws, including the Food Sanitation Law, the Abattoir Law, and the Poultry Slaughtering Business Control and Poultry Inspection Law. The related laws also include the Law of Temporary Measures for Enhancing the Control Method of the Food Production Process and the Health Promotion Law. The work covers a wide range of responsibilities from regulating the manufacture, import, and sale of food, food additives, and food apparatus and containers/packages to providing necessary information to consumers and businesses.
This document outlines the food sanitation work. For details, please consult the attached documents and tests prepared by each division responsible for this study program.
The Food Sanitation Law in Japan